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Clive Warner

In The Luminiferous Aether


Read extracts of my memoir of being an international broadcast engineer in over 30 countries.


A selection of images from across the world, that I've taken in my travels. Also includes historic black and white images from WW2 and the postwar period.

FICTION - and more

Read extracts from my novels, both published and unpublished. This is also where you can find other items that don't really fit into categories.

Do you appear here?

This is my personal site but of course, there are images and stories from across the decades -

and those images and stories involve workmates, friends . . . some of whom I have lost contact

with. So, if you find yourself here and wish to get in touch, please don't hesitate. And if you don't,

well, considering some of the things that happened in some of these places, I will understand why.

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Extracts from my memoir of international broadcasting. Radio Caroline, Capital Radio, the BBC, Africa, Central America, Europe, the Middle East. All here!
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Rebody: An English professor's head is unfrozen hundreds of years in the future, and demoted to the status of driving an automated vacuum cleaner.
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1943 - 2016 Image Gallery.

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